Saint John Of Damascus Orthodox Church

2015 Hall Expansion
                                                                                                                                                                                     June 2, 2015 Staff Report

St John of Damascus began to meet as a community in February 1974.  We met in various locations and in 1976 decided to purchase  2.3 acres of land in north Poway, near the Rancho Bernardo section of San Diego.
Our present social hall was constructed in 1984 as a three section modular building.  There were three advantages to a modular building:  1) we could expand it by adding another unit;  2) we could move it at some future time; and, 3) it could be sold if we decided to get rid of it.  

During the planning stage for the hall, Poway incorporated as a city.  We no longer had to deal with the County of San Diego.  Even though Poway was new at the building process, they made us treat our modular building like any other permanent building.


Our multipurpose building served as a church and social hall for ten years.  In the early 1990’s we began planning to build a church.  It was completed in 1994 and consecrated the following year.  Our next major project was the iconastasis which took about five years to complete.  Along the way we had icon stands and tables hand crafted to match our interior décor.  In 2006, we formed a development committee to look into future construction.  We asked everyone to give us their input to what we needed.  A year later we met with a local architect who specializes in churches and gave him a copy of our “wish list.”  The results of this process are shown below.


The image above is looking at our building project from the south.  The right side which is a new hall is on the east side of the property or closest to the upper parking lot.  The left side of the drawing is the offices and meeting rooms situated on the north side of the present grass area.   


The drawing to the left shows how we incorporated the needs of our parish.  Notice both the walkway between the buildings (#4) and (#11) are both covered areas.   The buildings are both separate and connected by this roof. 


Here are some dimensions to help visualize the size:  the 4 meeting rooms are 20’ x 15’ and the Meeting Room Building totals 2,615 sq feet.  The social hall will be 2,800 sq feet for assembly able to accommodate 225 people;  including kitchen and storage it will total 4,225 sq feet.  Our present multipurpose building is 2,160 sq ft total.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009, the Poway City Council at its meeting approved the Modification to our Major Use Permit and our Development Review. The result of this decision is that we now have two years, until May 19, 2011, to secure a Building Permit.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us build
  our new Church School building and Social Hall.


If you prefer, make out a check and mail to:

St John of Damascus Orthodox Church
PO Box 28291
San Diego, CA  92198-0291