The Works of Saint John of Damascus   

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    Early Writings

  • Three "Apologetic Treatises against those Decrying the Holy Images" – These treatises were among his earliest expositions in response to the edict by the Byzantine Emperor Leo III, banning the worship or exhibition of holy images.     
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    Teachings and Dogmatic Writings

     Fountain of Knowledge" or "The Fountain of Wisdom", is divided into three parts:
    1. "Philosophical Chapters" (Kephalaia philosophika) – Commonly called 'Dialectic', deals mostly with logic, its primary purpose being to prepare the reader for a better understanding of the rest of the book.
    2. "Concerning Heresy" (peri haireseon) – The last chapter of this part (Chapter 101) deals with the Heresy of the Ishmaelites. Differently from the previous 'chapters' on other heresies which are usually only a few lines long, this chapter occupies a few pages in his work. It is one of the first Christian polemical writings against Islam, and the first one written by a Greek Orthodox/Melkite.
    3. "An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith" (Ekdosis akribes tes orthodoxou pisteos) – a summary of the dogmatic writings of the Early Church Fathers, this third section of the book is known to be the most important work of John de Damascene, and a treasured antiquity of Christianity.
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    • Against the Jacobites
    • Against the Nestorians
    • Dialogue against the Manichees
    • Elementary Introduction into Dogmas
    • Letter on the Thrice-Holy Hymn
    • On Right Thinking
    • On the Faith, Against the Nestorians
    • On the Two Wills in Christ (Against the Monothelites)
    • Sacred Parallels (dubious)
    • "Octoechos" (the Church's service book of eight tones)